Our Responsibilities


    We are responsible for installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and supporting the LAN infrastructure, networking equipment, and computing/communication systems within AIP. Be it software, hardware, servers, desktops, portables, security cameras, access cards, phones, or conferencing systems, we are your "one-stop shop." Our goal is to ensure that the systems are running efficiently and effectively all the time.

    While we strive day in and day out to do our level best to serve you, we just cannot do it alone. There are many of you, but only the two of us. We are expected to be right, everytime and on time.

    Moving forward all iNet service request will be strictly conducted via the AISBase ticketing system. No phone or email request will be entertained or processed. We request your patience, cooperation, and conformance to the established policies and guidelines to make the experience mutually beneficial. We have uploaded some relevant documents on the left side to help you to help us serve you better. Let us make this a collaborative effort so that our team can work better for you.



    Thank You!